Who doesn't like coffee? It's the most popular drink all around the world and around 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed annually. Whether you drink it first thing in the morning throughout your day for a boost of energy or simply because you enjoy the taste coffee is almost always available wherever you go. The problem is by buying a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop; you're increasing the amount of plastic that is being produced and ultimately negatively impacting the fish in our oceans.

What's up guys today you'll take a look at the best reusable travel mug in the UK for your coffee. You can buy right now we'll try to help you find the right one for your needs to see the most up-to-date prices; you can check out the links in the description below.

Before we start, I have a question for you which coffee cup are you using right now and what is your opinion on them let me know in the comments. Without wasting any time let's jump into the article.

Number five Sophie & Jasmine London reusable travel mug. This mug is a favourite thanks to its combination of size and style woodsy and rugged. This mug truly looks like no other. Its stainless steel body is coated in speckled paint that makes it appear ceramic fitting for a cosy camping trip or a holiday gift idea.

The large body completes the vintage aesthetic while also adding convenience you can purchase the mug at a bargain price and find it in a number of colours including the sleek cool grey, green and pink. The paint can chip so make sure not to place the mug in the dishwasher or microwave. Once your coffee is brewed the mug will keep it cold for a whopping 24 hours with ice or 10 hours without ice pros cute rustic design comfortable cork-lined handle good temperature regulation. Cons are hand wash only.

Number four Swig life 18 ounces reusable travel mug these new 18 ounces mugs feature the same great technology that swig life is known for but with bigger and better features. Each signature swig life mug keeps drinks cold up to nine hours and hot up to three with its double-wall vacuum-sealed copper coated insulation.

The non-slip silicone base keeps your cups from tipping or making too much noise when you set them down the powder-coated finish keeps our swig looking fresh and is dishwasher safe. The newly designed seal tight written lid is BPA free spill-resistant and shatterproof. These clear lids seal tightly with a rubber seal gasket while allowing you to see inside.

The straw friendly opening can be covered with the sliding closure to minimize spilling always use caution when handling hot liquids and please take care not to drink hot liquids from any straw always use caution when handling hot liquids and please take care not to drink hot liquids from the straw pros attractive design easy to clean over 40 colours and prints cons the lip is too large causing the drink to run down my chin.

Number three hydro flask reusable coffee flask for many years hydro flask touted its cold retention as one of its hallmarks without focusing much on vessels designed primarily for hot drinks but that changed in 2020 with its flex sip coffee collection the wide mouth bottle design was downsized and best of all hydro flask replaced its unremarkable flip lid which wasn't leak-proof with a twist open model that didn't unleash hot coffee when we flipped it upside down or carried.

It is in a backpack ensuring 24 hours of cold iced coffee the hydro flask coffee flask is an ideal choice for commuters campers and travellers and if you want to switch up your daily cup of joe this pick also keeps beverages hot for up to six hours thanks to its double-walled thermal insulation the coffee flask is available in three sizes 12 16 and 20 ounces as well as more than a dozen colours expect the coffee flask to be a long-term purchase the product is backed by a lifetime guarantee and customers rave about its durability keep in mind.

However that cleaning it in the dishwasher is not recommended so you'll have to wash it by hand pros extremely durable easy to drink on the go keep drinks hot cold for hours cons can dent if dropped number two yeti rambler tumbler initially known for high-end coolers yeti has ventured into drinkware with their line of rambler products the rambler tumbler is our favourite for iced coffee because of its sliding lid and cup holder friendly shape the tumbler keeps drinks hot or cold for several hours due to its double-walled vacuum insulation.

Despite being on the pricier end it's very popular and highly rated with customers praising its durability and the fact that it can be washed in the dishwasher you can purchase it in three sizes 10 20 or 30 ounces and 12 colours ranging from white black and stainless steel to more striking options like seafoam and peak purple the only drawback is that the lid does not leak proof.

So keep that in mind before storing it in a bag or backpack pros large capacity and fits cup holders multiple colour options dishwasher safe cons a little heavy number one Contigo auto seal travel mug the Contigo auto seal west loop offers everything you could want in a reusable iced coffee cup from durability to performance to design making it our top pick the lid is both leak-proof and spill-proof.

So it will prevent everything from stray drop sneaking out to the dreaded all-out coffee spill in your bag thanks to contigo's thermal lock vacuum insulation your iced coffee will stay cold for 12 hours and hot drinks will stay toasty for five hours you can also get this coffee mug in a colour that fits your personality there are eye-catching shades like Monaco and passion fruit as well as timeless options like black and stainless steel pros effective auto-lock and anti-spill lid can lock and unlock with one hand keep drinks hot or cold for hours cons hand wash only if you enjoyed this article.

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